Why 1105?

Market survey brought us to the realization that there is a strong desire for an easier & faster buying process, outstanding quality yet at an accessible price point, trendy designs, comfortable materials, complimenting style and cuts, durability, and quick delivery.

1105 addresses those needs individually by cutting out any possible set backs and obstacles.

By offering ready made uniforms option, 1105 gets to provide an excellent quality at a competitive price point. Most importantly the manufacture process time is bypassed which leads to a faster delivery time frame and overall project completion. All garments are available in a variety of fixed sizes, making the order process easy and quick and supported by a complimentary alteration service to insure a stunning fitting and over all style.

With a wide variety of supply, designs, fabrics and colors available, each project and inquiry is treated with dedication and personalization. The designs selection are developed through review of a bespoke presentation of recommended styles made exclusively for each project. The Uniforms styling consultant acts as an advisor instead of an order taker. The portfolio of styles is harmonized to address customers needs while staying within the scope of our large inventory of ready made available options ready to be delivered. Alteration, logo embroidery service is also offered to ensure the uniform is fitted, personalized, and adjusted to the perfection.

We speak the same language
1105 is managed and conceptualized by a former hotelier, which gives us the benefit of understanding the daily operation, processes, priorities and needs of our clients better than anyone else.
We keep our promises just as you keep yours to your employees, guests, clients and patients.

We care
We highly value long term relationships and trust it can only be funded by insuring absolute satisfaction and open communication.
We value quality, responsiveness, flexibility and responsibility.
We encourage honest feedback, it helps us to serves you better.

We are prompt and efficient
We act with a sense of responsibility and efficiency.
Most importantly, we deliver on time, and as agreed.

We act as consultant
We style or design taking into consideration your objective, budget, but most importantly we like to incorporate and reflect your, environment, culture and your brand image.
We understand how impactful a sharp and charismatic appearance can be.

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